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100 years ago...Scott found out his handwarmers didn't work!
December 1911--NOTHING was here when Amundsen showed up! Now there's a new station and a fresh new
and larger sign...along with a Norwegian flag that welcomed the Norwegian visitors (photo from Ethan Good).

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South Pole News...

Sunset happened...and as often happens, the disappearance of the sun was caused by clouds. But, the big Pole dinner was on Saturday 22 March. This was at the end of the week which saw the announcement of what some consider to be the science breakthrough of the year...a discovery by BICEP2 in DSL (news).

6 March...if you're seeing this, the website move has been completed. I still need to wander around and see if all the furniture is still in place. Let me know if you find any lawn chairs tipped over...

24 February...winter started at Pole on the 14th, but things are still getting interesting at McMurdo. The rotten condition of the ice runway in McMurdo has caused the cancellation of all of the regular season scheduled wheeled aircraft flights, although there may be some in early March.

The tanker has arrived and departed, now replaced by the cargo ship which departed early after a storm came up, banging the vessel against the pier and cracking it in half. Leaving a fair amount of retrograde cargo behind, to be flown out? But the Pegasus runway is too soft for the wheeled aircraft. Pole is almost completely staffed up for the winter.

Happy New Year...we have a new Pole marker, and for a time we had a new icebreaker crisis, as the Polar Star was heading toward Commonwealth Bay to free two Chinese and Russian ships. Now they've broken free and the Polar Star has reached McMurdo Sound.

Prince Harry and the rest of his group reached Pole on the 14th, although they got a ride part way. Both IceCube and the South Pole Telescope made significant science news at the end of the year, And the Polar Star has departed Seattle for the southernmost port on the planet. And at Pole, things are getting busy. Prince Harry is en route, UW drillers have been working on new access holes to the new rodwell and old rodwell/new sewer, and yet another bit of Old Pole was blasted to smithereens.

The first Pole LC-130 flight DID happen on 1 November as scheduled, bringing 30+ passengers. And despite some delays there now have been more flights, and a number of the 2012 winterovers have made it to New Zealand.

9 October...the USAP program was shut down except for "caretaker status"--it lasted for a week (coverage). Meanwhile, China has announced a new station at Terra Nova Bay.

8 October...the first Twin Otter passenger flight arrived from McMurdo! Two of the Kenn Borek air craft had arrived on their transit flight from Rothera en route to McM. And the McM main body flights are in full swing. But...there is that pesky U.S. government shutdown which could send most people home early.

27 September...more info is out on the main body flights...which are including an Air New Zealand B-767 test flight (without passengers). Winfly was a success and McMurdo is starting to bustle. And at Pole the Sun is up, and its return has been celebrated.

22 June...the day after Midwinter's Day, was the date of the big midwinter dinner. And as I was at a Polie reunion in New Orleans, I got to say "hi" to the winterovers. Meanwhile, we are starting to hear about the USAP plans for the upcoming summer season.

17 June 2013...NASA announced the next eight astronaut candidates, selected from more than 6,000 applicants. And one of them is fellow 2005 winterover Christina Marie Hammock! She is awesome....but you knew that.

Want an Antarctic job? On this page I've provided everything you need to know about (or at least where to find) how to get a job.

A Polie book you might be interested of my fellow 2008 winterovers, Josiah Heiser, has published an ebook of his life story...almost free (blog and purchase link).

The dome is gone. And the most comprehensive web collection of dome deconstruction photos is here! And the message boards are still around...stop by the new home of Mike Poole's Antarctic Memories, which now includes the archives of Glenn Grant's Iceboard. If you have questions or problems with this excellent resource...the best place for info on jobs and life on the ice, ask me for help!

My second winter was in 2005 as the Title II Inspector (huh, what's that?)...and stayed on for a month after the 21 October station opening until the summer person showed up. I returned to the US on 21 January after 2 months in NZ/OZ. Hopefully before I left I wasn't too toasty to write a feature article for the 30 October 2005 Antarctic Sun..... Read it for yourself and decide...

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