Welcome to South Pole

sitting on the bottom of the world
Here I am sitting on the front door in January 1987. Believe it or not, I never managed to acquire the
traditional hero shots during our 1976-77 season, although I certainly took many of them for other folks...

Spindler hero shot at Siple I didn't make that mistake when I visited Siple in January 1988; by the time this picture was taken, NSF had already announced that the station would be permanently closed as soon as possible... making my visit--to come up with a project to extend the life expectancy of the station--moot. The 26-mile antenna is visible behind me.

I was waiting for the next-to-last flight of the season...as soon as I left, the station crew would start closing up the place for the winter. It would be opened for several weeks in 1988-89 to retrograde important stuff and clean things up.

ob hill hero shot in January 1988

Another January 1988 look
at me in warm weather on
top of Observation Hill...

Bill Spindler in the O&M office, February 1990

One of the last views of me at Pole. Mike Patterson took this shot in the
O&M office as I was writing up the power plant reports in February 1990.