South Pole Weather

waiting for the 300 club temperature
14 August 1977, we're in the met office waiting for the temperature to drop to the magic -100ºF/-73.3ºC. My photo...from left, Gary Rosenberger, Jerry Gastil, Lee Sundblad, Lloyd Anderson.
January 2004 balloon launch
A January 2004 balloon launch...from the BIF...a classic photo, as there's not only the original wood SIP panel doors, but also a wood floor launch platform. All long gone now, including that BIF. Photo by Glen Kinoshita.

The weather...How cold is it really? ºF or ºC? Real-time data is still out there in a few places if the satellites and AWS's are up. Try your luck, as not all of the AWS sites are up at the moment. Unfortunately what all of these automated sites lack is, after all, the WEATHER! The new station has WINDOWS, unlike the old met office in the dome, but the met person still has to walk outside to see everything that is going on.

From NOAA...the current South Pole weather as well as additional historical data...well, through December 2021. The data through 2021 is also available on this FTP site.

from NOAA, other data is here, lots of other stuff!

NOAA has detailed hourly and minute-by-minute Pole weather data here from NOAA, detailed hourly and minute-by-minute data from 1975 to...last week (update)! (FTP site)

Also from's their detailed index to ALL the met and atmospheric information from...everywhere.

from the NICO AWS 70 miles east of Pole (here's the graphical view).

HENRY, 70 miles north. Take your pick (graphical version).

[the "Clean Air" AWS at Pole was removed in January 2005]

South Pole weather from Accuweather.

The Willie Field AWS was removed in January 2022.

Here is the University of Wisconsin-Madison page depicting all of their AWS's past and present.

McMurdo weather (AccuWeather).

The Palmer (Amsler Island) AWS: (station page) (not a UW station so no data).

Palmer Station weather and forecast from

The sunlight/twilight charts for Pole (or anywhere), from 2004/06/08 AMANDA/IceCube w/o Ethan Dicks

The current Pole time with a graphic view of the day-night terminator from space

The U. S. Naval Observatory has many information pages and calculators for sunrise/sunset, twilight, the moon, planets, eclipses, etc...

Peter Guest, meteorology professor at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA, has an extensive page
of polar met resource links well as information on his polar meteorology course

A historical South Pole weather page prepared by meteorologist Lis Grillo in 1996

A 2012 paper from the Wisconsin AMRC met people, "Fifty-year Amundsen-Scott South Pole station surface climatology", by Matt Lazzara, along with Linda Keller and recent w/o meteorologists Tim Markle and John Gallagher

(here are links to the Antarctic Meteorological Research Center (AMRC, University of Wisconsin) data pages: home page and station map) with links to current and historical data, photos, and other information about everything.

(Tricks: some wind speeds are given in meters per second. One m/s is about 3.6 km/hr, 2-1/4 mph, or 2 knots. Also, they may use a Julian date, this is the sequential number from starting from 1 through 365 or so. For example, 07031 is January 31, 2007.)