New Station aerial galleries

the station in early November 2018
2018-19...the first aerial photo is a high-altitude shot
of the station area from the NASA IceBridge DC-8!
And Robert Schwarz took photos as his flight left Pole.

the station in December 2018

2017-18, another season with lots of activity outside and otherwise.
Here's the collection of great aerial photos taken in early January!

the station in 1016-17

Yes, I did miss a couple of years of these, but here's an excellent collection of aerial photos of the station from the 2016-17 summer! Lots of activity this season!

the station in 2013-14

2013-14 saw the earliest opening flight in history, as well as further explosive demolition of Old Pole...neither of these events are obvious from the aerial photos...but things did happen, and several of the summer camp Jamesways were made to go away. Have a look!

2012-13 aerial photo

The 2012-13 season was a bit quieter for a number
of reasons...fewer USAP folks, as well as many
fewer tourists than in the previous centennial year.
When the ice crystals settled, here's what the place
looked like at the end of the season.

2011-12 aerial photos
2011-12 was the centennial year of the arrivals of Amundsen's and Scott's parties, so the tourist
season was much busier than usual. At the end of the summer, after all of the visitors had departed,
the annual series of aerial photographs was taken...seen here.

the station in 2010-11

2010-11 was the first summer since the "official" completion of the new the landscape changes are a bit less obvious. But the snow patterns keep changing, and there are some new and changed features in the dark sector. Here's my January/February 2011 aerial photo set.

got er done

Starting with this season, the taking of early season aerial photos was discontinued. But there was a good set taken in February, here is my collection.

on all sides

Here's the collection of photos from February 2009, after the cladding on the sides of the new station has been completed...and the rest of the collection.

drift time

After my third winter, here's a preview of the photos
taken in early November 2008.
a banner season

The end of January 2008...the newly dedicated station with the USAP
banner and a relocated Ceremonial Pole...and more views.

face time

The end of the 2007 winter, here's the station ready for
more siding (the rest of the October 2007 aerial shots).
dome dome

Let's start with this great view of the dome...
and the rest of the February 2007 views..

face time

Here's the way the place looked at the beginning of the 2006-07 summer...and more views of Pole from October 2006..
roof roof

The late season 2005-06 gallery, starting
with this good view of the main station.

heading home

October 2005...spring has sprung, and the Twin Otter showed up already to have a low-level look around. Now you can is the rest of the early summer 2005-06 gallery.
I want the whole thing

The late season 2004-05 gallery--THREE pages of photos from January, starting with this distant view that one would see on the approach from MacTown (well, that is if you were lucky enough to be on the flight deck...)

heading home

Early season 2004-05 page...starting with this view of the new station before the last two wings are erected.

you are here

Since these galleries relate to the new station and the way the
place looks more recently, I've added a link to the overall site plan from around 2000...I do have newer site plans and station layouts here.

up with the sun

At left is just one of the aerial photos from 2003-04--here's the rest of the gallery from the season when the front line of the elevated station was completely enclosed...
I want the whole thing

The 2002-03 gallery--two pages of landscape views...the silhouette of the elevated station didn't change much, but there is more than that to see.

the big buildup

2001-02 saw 2 new wings added...
time to raise the roof

2000-01, the first 2 wings of the elevated station are put up and enclosed.

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