2010-11 Aerial Photos--January/February 2011

Sunny day at Pole
Once again, aerial photos were taken at the end of the season...this year over several days beginning on 31 January. The above photo of the main station complex was part of a series taken on 3 February. New rules...the photos could no longer be taken from the open front copilot window...the photographers had to shoot through the windows in the rear of the plane...and these tended to frost up (all photos on these pages by Robert Schwarz unless labeled otherwise).
all the blue pretty stuff
Here's a closer-on view of the main station building.
two poles for the price of 1
The main station building from another angle, showing both the "real" and ceremonial Poles.
flying the flag
Here's a closeup from the previous photo, zooming in at the South Pole...
no, the ball is NOT made of glass any more
...and another zoomed-in look at the Ceremonial Pole.
the shadow knows
Another look at the front of the station...this time an evening photo, as the shadows indicate the Sun is to the east (Rickey Gates).
hazy days of summer
And another morning shot, this day it was cloudy with lousy surface definition.
dig deeper
Looking at the east side of the station and the buried power plant, LO and heavy shop arches on that same dreary 2 February morning...
brighter days ahead
...the previous evening things were a bit brighter.
tower down
Late summer snowmobile parking near the, er, vertical tower. The
snowmobiles were later replaced with 2.0, that building is seen here
to the left of B1.

More station area photos....

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