2006-07 Aerial Photos--February 2007

the dome was home
Well, let's start with this view of the dome (you DO remember the dome?) by Scot Jackson (SJ)...all of his photos were taken on 3 February unless indicated otherwise. Note the 25,000 gallon fuel bladder, complete with containment, atop the fuel arch. Another bladder is inside the biomed arch.
clean air
A distant view of the station complex looking south from above the clean air sector (SJ).
de sided
Looking west across the main station complex. Note how pristine the snow is around the cold abandoned skylab. And those defunct cosray detectors are still there...(SJ)
camp ground
A great fisheye view looking northeast across summer camp. This clearly shows the freshly prepared berms waiting for the winterover garbage. And it looks like the hypertats didn't get moved...(SJ).
up on the rooftop
A closeup view of the stuff on the roof of ARO (31 January, Forest Banks (FB)).
looking back
Looking back the other way, here is the entire station complex from the dark sector side...(SJ, 31 January, CD).
above Old Pole
A similar view from a slightly different angle (SJ, CD).
dark, dark sector
Looking east across the dark sector and station...I've darkened this a bit so you can see things like the road to SPRESSO heading off in the distance. And I'm guessing that the prepared pad at the lower right corner is where the IceCube drill site has been moved to by now (SJ).
drilling in the middle
This view looks south over the IceCube drill site set up between MAPO and DSL. The skiway cuts across the upper left corner and the TACAN is visible behind it. The SPASE2 hut is in the upper right quadrant (SJ, CD).
Okay, zoom in on that dark sector...

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