2005-06 Summer Photos - New Cryogenics Facility

"Cryo" was assembled during the 2005-06 summer...

out in the open
First, a temporary cryo setup was created. The 3000 liter
Wessington dewars (at right) were moved out of the old cryo
barn so that the permanent site could be backfilled (I).
climbing the walls at Pole
Looking toward summer camp, in the center is the north dewar storage module staged out of the way. At the far right is the temporary cryo storage area; the balloon inflation facility is at the far left (PR).
give me a lift
Sections of the center module were shaken out (PR).
Here the south module has been placed in position, and the center module is being erected (RP).
roof roof
Here the roof panels are being installed connecting these two units (RP).
The south 2/3 of the facility have been put together next to the BIF (I).
back together again
The assembled structure; this view shows how much fill was added to raise this building out of the "bowl." (BB).
gas house
The front view. The old cryo barn has been positioned to the left of the new structure; the BIF is at right (USAP),
winter lineup
Another view from the front. The center portion houses those Wessington dewars, the right portion houses the admin and mechanical space, as well as room for the LN2 plant, there was consideration given to moving it here from MAPO (hmmm....). (JB)
balloon frame
A view from the BIF end of the complex (KJ).
balloon frame
A closer look (BB).
aerial view of cryo
An annotated aerial shot of the completed exterior of the facility (USAP).
closer aerial view of cryo
A closer aerial view (MC).
Interior finish work continued through the winter...official occupancy happened in the summer of 2006-07. Photo credits: Brien Barnett (BB), Jay Bollinger (JB), Rechelle Parent (RP), Peter Rejcek (PR) (USAP photo library), Mike Carmody (ASC meterological ops manager) (MC), Pole common drive photos (I), an IceCube presentation by Katy Jensen (KJ), and the old USAP cryo page, which used to include more photos as well as statistics from the cryo tech on exactly how much liquid helium was on hand in those dewars...up until 2012-13 when the science projects still required lots of liquid helium. Just what you wanted to know...but seriously, this facility did mean that Pole has NOT run out of LHe in the 2005 or 2006 winters. In 2013 the facility was used for another science project.
Next, let's go to see what was happening to the biomed arch.

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