South Pole Post Office

South Pole postmaster/OIC PK Swartz, 1961
South Pole Station, Officer in Charge, Doctor, and Postmaster of the world's southernmost outpost, dispensary, and post office. This photo is from Our World in Antarctica, by LTJG Denis Clift, USN. The book, which was published in 1982, was used as a Navy cruisebook for several years thereafter. The person in the photo is not identified, but it looks like it might be LT P. K. Swartz, Medical Corps, who was the OIC during DF-61. Note the Postage Rates, Fees & Regulations taped on the bulkhead.

The above photo and caption are courtesy of Billy-Ace Baker; this and other photographs of Pole (and other polar) post offices past and present are available on the Polar Post Offices page of the Polar Philately web site.

Interestingly, the above photo was captured from this web site and placed on the post office window in wing A2 of the new elevated station at some was there when I showed up for my 2005 winter and it is still there today...below, a December 2012 view from Jeffrey Donenfeld:

South Pole post office and store, December 2012

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