South Pole 1958-59

Fred Mayeda Photos

Raise the Flag!
Here's Fred with a 49-star flag. I don't know when the new flag
actually made it to Pole, but the Alaska statehood proclamation
was signed by President Eisenhower on 3 January 1959.
where are the holy stairs
Looking toward the station from the northwest...
the civil work is never done
Landscaping at Pole. What a concept. Here the D-2 is hard at work.
ho ho ho
Decorating the Christmas tree in the galley.
Little St. Nick

Well, who'd you expect to show up at the South Pole? This is actually a Christmas greeting photo by Sid Tolchin.
IGY is over

The festive New Years' dinner.
want to see my etchings?

Your photographer host Fred in his room.
Let's go outside!

Okay, time for a walk...
just dropping by
Airdrop time. This happened in the spring before station opening.
chute the works
Time to go pick up the goodies.
on a clear day...
More airdrop cargo on a day with lousier weather
All photos by Fred except for Santa Claus...

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