South Pole Winter 2004

the 2004 winterover photo

The above w/o photo was taken in October may need to scroll to the right to see it all :)   --->

Below, the midwinter greeting photo:

under the arch

The main photo depicts the unique South Pole auroras and the illuminated Dome flag at half staff, remembering the death of Ronald Reagan on 5 June. The inset: in mid-June most of the w/o's posed in the main arch. Here is the large version of the greeting card (244 kb), and here is an enlargement of the group photo (138 kb). The names:
Tom Banks
Tracy Blair
Kathy Blumm
Rhys Boulton
Justus Brevik
Jodi Brumfiel
Nick Buchinger
Dennis Calhoun
Chad Carpenter
Richard Coppin
Clayton Cornia
Brad Coutu
Steven Crackel
Allan Day
Ethan Dicks
Randi Dixon
Andrea Dixon
Angela Drexler
Kevin Du Puy
Jason Engleman
Eyvind Flater
Frank Garcia
Jack Giacalone
Jake Speed
Julienne Harnett
Slay Harwell
Susie Heyob
Donald Highsmith
Barry Horbal
Dana Hrubes
Sean Hufstetler
Donald Jeter
Keros Johnson
Nicholas Johnson
Scott Jones
Sarah Kaye
Glen Kinoshita
Pete Koson
Jeff Lackey
James Latshaw
Byron Lilly
Angela Lodes
Moe Madding
Henry Malmgren
Tree Menke
Lisae Miller
Dan Naber
Dave Nastrom
Mike Offenbacker
Kris Perry
Larry Powell
Larry Pruss
Adam Rein
Peter Rejcek
Kirk Roberts
Nan Rogers
Angie Rutherford
Sean Ryan
Michael Scholz
Robert Shaw
Jason Seifert
Bret Snow
Jerrod Southon
Dehlia Sprague
Bride Sweeney
Xuan Ta
Aaron Thompson
Ross Thorsen
Kevin Torphy
Osvaldo Torres
Nicholas Tothill
Carlton Walker
Cherie Warren
Richard Weber
Troy Wiles
Dome photo by Dana Hrubes, inset and composite by Ethan Dicks. Thanks also to Pete Koson.

I haven't found a hard copy of the digital panorama at the top of the page other than the one at Pole
which was unframed in 2005. This digital copy is from Glen Kinoshita, who also noted that three
folks appear more than once, so don't try counting! Here is an archived version of Glen's old page
which discusses the panorama. Oh, the full size digital version is here (6.2 mb).

June 2017 update! Some of the 2004 winterovers got together for a small reunion in Denver. Info and photos!