2005 winterovers

19 October 2004                                                                                                                                       Click image for full size!

It's well into the end of winter, but before the planes have started to arrive so it's time to do the traditional winterover picture.  There's a collection of past pictures in the library under the Dome going back through the 70s, although some years seem to be missing- maybe too toasty to even get together to do this?  So anyway, we decided to do something a little bit different this year since we have the largest crew ever (until next winter when they're planning over 100)- so here's South Pole Station in their wacky glory.  But please note- this is not a perfect panorama since I only allocated myself 10 minutes to do this particular trial run.  Why?  Because I'm lazy and I didn't want to be late for dinner- and besides, we'll have plenty of time later on to Photoshop out all the ghosts on the seams and I think this is good enough for a first look.  And by the way, there are three people who decided to get in more than once so I've suggested something special for them- most people here have acquired special nicknames- some ruder than others, but all of them very representative of who they are.  So I've suggested that their twins get their special names on the final product.  But sorry though, I can't tell you who or what their names are right now- that's for a later time!  Also note that this is another large picture, so be aware of that when you try and look at the whole thing.