2008 Winter Photos - New Logistics Facility

Jump ahead about 3 months, from late May to mid August:
flat wood
The upwind end of the LO building, and the back deck--or at least the winter scope portion--8 steel-covered sections and 4 modules covered with 2" (!) plywood. This deck is essentially complete.
the wild side
Between the building and arch on the garage side will be another deck; this one will be covered with grating. Here is the first of 6 side deck modules in place.
up wind
Looking upwind at the completed portion of the back deck...next summer the remaining sections will be installed, all the way to the fuel arch.
construction area
The view of the LO interior from just inside the upwind door. The large refrigerator-sized item is a battery cabinet for the emergency lighting system, it will just barely fit up the stairs.
cargo room
The main floor as seen from the other end of the building. The large air handler is installed (with all interior ductwork complete) just in front of the mezzanine.
Welding up the joints in the floor panels to make it watertight is a major winter task.
you take the stairs
Here's the stairway up to the second level. The sheetrock here won't get done until summer when additional materials can be delivered.
cargoid room
Light fixtures are being installed in the office area.
the back office
the corner of the office
A couple views of the conference room and office areas looking downwind.
tank you
Some of the heating equipment and piping being installed in the mechanical room...
sparky area
...along with electrical panels and other equipment.
Have a look at the LO at the end of winter, or at what we did with the doors into the beer can

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