2007-08 Photos - New Cargo Arch - Demo Continued

water way
Inside the power plant arch, looking out into the snow melter structure, which was starting to go away (I).
I was in hot water here
On the outside of the arch...the old plywood snow melter structure which we knew in 1977 (and which I helped clean out after the D-8 battery fell into it...but that is another story. The white melter box was a 1978-79 replacement which was set atop the original structure. (I).
just off the main arch
Now for the fan room. But first, let's have a look at it in 2005-06 when it was still just a room off the main arch...(JM).
food for thought
Once upon a time when Casey Jones wandered in, all it contained was, well, fans and some snow. More recently it was used for food storage (JM).
crunch time
Near the snow melter, here's the infamous fan room/blue room, finally about to go away. Here's a view after an early phase of demo and some excavation (I).
no melt

The snow melter is gone, but here's a view out of that access way (I).
Casey Jones WAS here
Looking back toward the arch...the snow melter light is still there, on that post (I).
he got shafted here
Looking at the other side after the dome entrance arch is gone. Polie summer cook Casey Jones died a horrible death at the bottom of that vertical air intake shaft in January 1980.
pipe up
A closer look as the demo continues (I).
back open

The back side of the fan room not long before...
need a arch?
it gets hauled off (I).
where's the tubing?

Meanwhile demo was continuing at the other end of the PP arch, as seen here from the open old garage arch (I).
small arch big arch
Looking at the connecting arch from the front side (I).
tractor trail
The same viewpoint as the above photo, except that the bulkhead wall and the rest of the old power plant are gone.
where's Emerson Diesel?
Looking back the other way from the site of the dome entrance through the old PP and garage arches.Here is a view from the same angle 35 years ago.
beer near?
The elevated station as seen from the northeast end of the old power plant arch.

As they say...to be continued...

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