2007-08 Photos - New Cargo Arch

move me
The next step, shifting the old PP arch to the north (!). This view is from the galley windows...
down and dirty
...and this view from the arch floor level. Bits and pieces of the old fan room are visible in these two views.
the blade
A couple shots of a dozer cleaning out the old garage floor, looking southwest...
piled high and deep
...looking southwest towards summer camp and one of those big hills.All this is prepping for the logistics facility foundations.
environmental arch site
From the gap between the arches, here's tbe northeast end of the power plant arch...
no snow melter
...and the garage arch.
no heart attack here
Another view of the shifted power plant arch sections from
the top of what used to be the Dome entrance ramp (EG).
the dome was home
let's eat
Back behind the project site, the dome is still full of food and other stuff.

Meanwhile, back to those moving arches...

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