2007 Winter Photos - Power Plant/Garage Demo

under cover work
First, a peek inside the dome where some of the remaining bits of the comms flooring have been stacked up.
no hearing protection required
Outside the old arch power plant, where the siding was removed and everything else including "Carlton's Condo" (the structure erected on the roof in the mid 90s to house the wet silencers and associated piping) had been demo'd.
once new
Inside the old power plant after most everything was ripped out.
power plant demo in progress
A closer/more dramatic view of the engines.
Bill Spindler bought these generators
Looking the other way at the old 3412 generators. The gutting happened early in the winter, but the building wouldn't be made to go away until November.
floor show
In the garage arch, the garage/gym/carp shop were being made to go away.
more floor show
Looking the other direction towards the garage end of the arch.
pipe up
And a view from a bit further down. That pipe overhead is a fuel line to the garage.
arch rival

And here's Sven Lidström standing in the empty arch. Interesting to see that a few of those shelves built by Stu Rawlinson during the 1975 winter hadn't been drug out yet. This was actually part of the setup for the Midwinters Day group photo in June. This photo is by Robert Schwarz; the others were mostly taken in April by Heidi Lim. The "dramatic" photo of the 3412's is from Dennis Calhoun. The exterior shot of the old power plant/siding was taken by Alan Light. For now, that's all the photos of this project I have to share (hint hint).

Meanwhile, the last wall in the elevated station...the south wall of the gym, was being completed...and it included that unique time capsule from 1992...

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