2006-07 Photos - Another Water Well

water water everywhere
The well itself was put down in 2006-07; 2007-08 (when these pictures were taken) brought some finishing touches and punch list items to the new building, seen here. This is essentially a clone of the older building; with two of these structures, one can be in use and the second can be staged and set up at the next well site. The ice tunnels down below have been set up for many many future well sites.
no tanks
Here's a side view...this one has a fuel tank enclosure (yes, all of these tanks are double-wall for spill protection). The structure with the black door looks like it houses the temporary heat source.
in hot water
The two boilers...one of them required some replacement parts, which has delayed the conditioning.
hose job
In the back corner, here's the hose reel with more hose still unpacked.
pipe up

Here's some of the piping controlling and monitoring the flow to and from the power plant.
hot stuffAbove the well, here's the "hot point"--an electric heater that was used to melt the hole through the firn (the top layer of unconsolidated snow) in 2006-07 ...although that hole would need to be redone years later before the well could finally be started in 2011-12 and put online a year later. As of the beginning of December 2007, a bit of work was continuing in and around this structure, The well startup and conditioning, originally scheduled for the 2007 winter, was on our project list to happen during the 2008 winter (if necessary) or later. It was on the project list ever since, until 2012-13. And in November 2013, after being online for the winter, it was being reworked again. The first four of these photos are courtesy of Tim Hayosh, 2008 w/o power plant operator; the last 2 are mine.
Over in the dark sector, the VIPER telescope instrument was removed and shipped north.

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