2006-07 Photos - Removal of the VIPER telescope

removal of the VIPER instrument

The VIPER telescope instrument was removed in 2006-07. While this was underway, one of the larger summer science projects--erection of the South Pole Telescope--can be seen in the background. Thanks to Paul Sullivan for providing the above photo as well as correct info.

The instrument, in a structure attached to MAPO, was put into service in 1997-98 after its structure had been erected the previous summer.

After a few years of storage at Port Hueneme, in 2012 the telescope was shipped to Siena College (in upstate New York) thanks to the intervention of professor and Antarctic researcher Allan Weatherwax, who created a project for the instrument to be used for studies of solar and radio activity, and ultimately for cosmology research . It was installed on the campus as a research tool in 2014 (info).

VIPER instrument removal
Here is another photo of the pick from this Siena College news article (although the large version of the photo is no longer available from that page).
the VIPER ground shield
Another view of the empty ground shield, by Scott Smith (from the Antarctic Photo Library).

This 2014 Siena College news article has the story and photos of the arrival and installation of the telescope on the campus.

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