2006 Winter Photos - Annex Demolition

last look
I'll start with my shot of the annex as it appeared during the 2005
winter just after the greenhouse and fire shack had been removed.
But first...have a look at my photo tour around the inside of the
not long before it was made to go away...
open door policy
Starting off outside with the removal of those freezer doors...(JN)
the handwriting is on the wall
...and the orange siding...(BB)
cube farm?
...revealing the origin of this structure...created from 3 of the 6 modules or "cubes" originally intended to be the emergency camp Building 7 in its own arch somewhere west of the garage arch (BB).
return to sender

Here's one of the shipping labels (BB).
cold comfort

Anybody need a mattress (BB)?
home that never was
Okay, at last now that the annex is history, its secret must be revealed. This is the floor plan of "Building 7" from the domed station construction drawings. What ended up being the annex is the left half of this structure; the toilet room shown on this drawing is, well, except for the chemical toilet, the annex toilet room as we knew it. The other annex rooms got built or rebuilt accordingly. The bill of materials indicates the "dormitory" was to have 8 double bunk beds. I found the upper right cube of this building (the one which was to house the emergency generator) on the hill in McMurdo after our 1977 winter; dunno what happened to the rest of the building or why it was never built.

Back to the demo...next, the inside action.

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