Winter Photos - Annex Redux

home hall
This page of photos is in recognition of the annex...although I've included it with the 2006 winter demo photos, I took these in February 2005 when the place was being cleaned out for storage...mostly of stuff being moved out of the about-to-be-torn-down galley. These rooms would be occupied one more time, in the 2005-06 summer, before they would go away. Anyway, above is the view down the hall after walking in the front door. My 1977 room was the first door on the right (not visible in this shot).
wide hall

A view of the corridor from the other end.
couch incidence?
Another view from a few feet further on.
who worked in dirty places?
Okay, I can't help bringing in this 1977 photo from the same angle. I think the later choice in carpet colors was much better in hiding the dirt, although I'm not sure I favor the blue wall color. Although you can see that the 2005 era lighting is original, note the electric heater in this photo vs the glycol heater in the 2 photos above.
stuck in the corner

Room 1, in the corner and more recently under the greenhouse, was my spot in 1977. Back then it didn't have any of this built-in stuff.
the heat is on

Looking straight in the door, showing that glycol heater where my electric one used to be, plus that escape hatch. Here's a much better view of this room a year later courtesy of Robert Schwarz who had a much better lens for this stuff.
pillow hello

The inside corner with the foldup bed folded up. In 1977 I had a regular Navy bed with mattress, and a leftover racing car poster on the wall, rather unlike Bill Spindler but I couldn't find anything better.
cold floor

Next door to my old room...the facilities, as it were.
Heg hideaway

Next to the head, more recently dubbed Room 6 (the room numbering in here was a bit quirky) is where John Heg spent the 1977 winter.
what's a mapconThe last room on this side (#8). In 1977 this room had a bunch of built-in furniture left over from its design use as part of the emergency camp "bldg 7" so it was the supply office, full of files and microfiche which we used to look up Federal Stock Numbers to order stuff. In the 80s in summer it was the NSF Rep's office.
hurt meBack to the front end on the science side, I occupied this room (#2) for awhile in 1988-89. Bob Hurtig graciously let me use it when he went back to CONUS to prepare for his sudden move to be the McM w/o manager. I think the bed was elevated like this, but there wasn't any escape hatch in the ceiling! home away from Paramus

I occupied this room (#4) during 1989-90, my last season with ITT. Back then it was nicer--had a built-in elevated bed on the right wall with a desk and dresser beneath.
The other 3 rooms were locked, and I never made it back later when they weren't :( I did find some old annex party pics from 2003-04 on the common drive of room 5 and room 7 for historical purposes, but they don't show much of the rooms, and I don't recognize the people. That said, let's take a quick look up on the roof:
get higher
Outside the back door, here's the stairs to the roof of the annex (and the Black Box).
hatch hatch
Here's the annex roof with all of those emergency hatches, and the back of the fire shack...
hot house
...and the greenhouse. Of course both the fire shack and greenhouse had been made to go away in the 2005 winter.
all dried up
Okay, here's a look (probably the last one with the heat on) inside the old greenhouse. Growing things had been discontinued at the beginning of the 2004-05 summer, all you see here is dead and dried.
Okay, I'll mention it again...Robert Schwarz has lots of good photos of the science building and annex before and after the heat is off. Otherwise...move on (for now) to some of the other 2006 winter construction that was happening.

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