Moon Regan Expedition

skate me to the Pole

Above...the Bio-Inspired Vehicle with DSL and the SP telescope in the background. The 10-man team left the AL&E/ANI camp at Union Glacier on 27 November 2010 and showed up at Pole on 3 December. They were aiming at the fastest ever trans-Antarctic crossing. They left Pole for McMurdo via the Leverett Glacier/USAP traverse "road" a couple of days later. Oh, and it ws a round trip. Here are a few more photos.

safe parking
The expedition campground, with the two Ford vans.
we've been here before

A closeup of the two Ford vans, the "science support vehicles" (SSV1 and SSV2). One of these vans made this trip before.
fast ones
The ten venture team members, this image is the only one on this page from the expedition web site (© Moon Regan Expedition).
Chad was here
Here's a view of all three expedition vehicles at the ceremonial well as Chad Carpenter, who has graciously shared all of the other photos on this page!

The rest of the story...the team headed to the Leverett Glacier on 30 November, leaving the BIV behind at Pole. Initially they made good time, but they ran into a massive storm which made them hole up for a couple of days between 8 and 10 December. When things calmed down enough for them to set out, they passed the USAP traverse team holed up and seriously buried. After a brief visit, they continued north, headed down the Leverett Glacier, and reached the Ross Ice Shelf on 10 December. Because of the lateness of their arrival, they feared that if they continued to McMurdo, their path to their fuel cache at Marble Point would no longer be passable. So after about six hours they turned around and headed back to Pole. They were back at Pole on 12 December...and 2 days later they headed back toward Union Glacier, towing the BIV. The team successfully reached the ALE camp at Union Glacier on 17 December.