1997-98 Photos - New and Raised Garage Arches

Beginning the New Garage Arch

drift fills the site of the new garage arch

garage and cargo arches in 1996-97
Above...what might be called the "before" photo at the beginning of the 1997-98 season. The task at hand: to raise the existing garage arch (seen at the left edge of the above photo), and to construct a new arch next to it where the old helium/cargo arch used to be. At right, a photo of both arches in 1996-97 before the helium/cargo arch was removed. Needless to say, the space it had occupied had been completely filled with snow over the winter. So the first task was to dig everything out.

digging out the arch foundations
Like so...by this point about 90 percent of the snow had been moved out...
digging out the arch foundations
...at least partway, as can be seen looking downwind. The passageway connection to the helium/cargo arch had been left for the winter.
old passage from the helium arch
Here's a closer look through that passageway .
the downwind side of the garage arch
The skiway side of the garage arch was dug out as well, and the downwind bulkhead removed.
skiway side of the garage arch
A closer look at the skiway side.
upwind bulkhead removed
Then the upwind bulkhead was removed.
fuel piping in the garage arch
What things looked like inside the garage arch. This fuel piping would need to be dealt with several times between now and 2012.
dug out to grade
The new arch pad is down to grade, and the passageway has been removed.

At this point (early December), core samples of the new garage arch indicated that the snow was not dense or uniform enough to begin setting the footers for the new arch, so a good deal more work was needed.

ready for new arch erection
The passage opening has been closed up (well, there were lots of old spare arch sections around), stiffener channels have been attached...and the new arch pad is ready for...some arch sections.
first new arch section
And here comes the first one.
first arch sections erected
The first arch section was erected on about 22 December.
arch foundation
Ready to set it on the foundation pads.
first arch sections bolted down
A few days later, three sections had been bolted down. Hmmm, I don't remember that sled.
bolting up
Bolting up on top.
upwind bulkhead
Next, time to install the upwind bulkhead...
installing bulkhead panels
...while it is still within easy reach of the Mantis. Meanwhile, note that the garage arch has been cribbed up...more on that later.
upwind bulkhead
Bulkhead installation continues.
completed upwind bulkhead

And the upwind bulkhead is done, except for the ventilation.

Lots of work to do yet, so keep going. All the photos on this page are from Chris Rock.

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