2009 Winter Photos - Urban Renewal (the lid)

tip the lid

During the 1986-87 summer the Old Pole access ladder was installed, along with this customized and autographed cover. It was recovered during the 2009 winter. I presumed it was still around the heavy shop somewhere, as depicted in this photo. And I more recently learned that IS the case...although it is proving to be a convenient source of small pieces of steel plate for various projects.

Four people signed this artifact over the years...the most obvious here is JP which I have to figure is John Parlin, he may have been around during that 1986-87 summer but he most certainly was around later, he wintered three times...as a carpenter in 1991 and 1993, and as station manager in 1995.

Another name is Kevin Linn, Alaskan winterover heavy equipment operator in 1987.
not exactly the entrance to Palmer Station
Along with Dennis O'Neill, who was the winter manager in 2001. I met him at Palmer a couple of years previously.
another Bill at Pole
And Bill Johnson, construction supervisor in 2004-05
including the 2005 winter when I worked with him. He
was involved with resealing the entrance for NSF.

Most of the outdoor pictures were sent to me by lead heavy mechanic Jack Sharp...the top picture on the previous page was part of a gigapan panorama by Ella Derbyshire...and the documentation on the lid is from Jack's coworker Keith Berry. Next, lighting up the LO.

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