2008-09 Photos - Logistics Facility

ice rink?
Starting off at the beginning of the summer, all of the snow in the arch was excavated and leveled for the back deck foundations. These footers, as well as the ones for the front deck, would eventually require a snowcrete base, some of which you see formed up here (Daniel Uhlmann)
making ice
Looking downwind, here are more of the station side footer snowcrete pads formed up(MA).
function follows form
A closeup of one of the downwind station side snowcrete footers...essentially a mixture of snow and water allowed to freeze (MA).
Here's some of the footers getting delivered--shim packs get bolted to the wood inside these footers, they level and support the beams which in turn support the deck modules (Lisa Harding/USAP Photo Library).
forming a base at Pole
Here's a view looking towards the LO building. The station side footers are set, and the central footer locations have snowcrete curing (Jerry Marty).
Another view looking the other way toward the fuel arch (Jerry Marty).
logistics support
Bringing in one of the back deck modules. Yours truly discovered that the holes in these and the support beams didn't match, so lots of holes had to be redrilled. Lots easier at -20F than -80F, during the 2008 winter we brought the panels/beams inside to warm up first (MA).
all decked out

Looking along the back deck with most of the deck modules installed. Next comes the 2" plywood, not exactly something available at your local home center (MA).
ever see 2 inch plywood before?
Move on to early January, here is a good portion of the back deck completed. There are 3 footers/beams that run the length of the arch--the ones on the power plant side and in the center were set first, followed by the deck modules on that side; this left the side with the temporary arch entrance open for access. Something else this photo shows is the siding on the building!
splicing the brace
And a bit later on, here the other row of back deck modules is almost complete, and work is being done on the arch opening.
done for now
And here it is in early February with all of the deck modules completed. Looks like the arch opening is going to stay for another winter (Steve Lee, a summer fire tech).
little passageways
Meanwhile, the arch passages to the power plant and garage arches were getting additional fire rated doors and walls.
behind closed doors
A bit later, here's how the completed doorway passage looks (Ella Derbyshire).
deck the hall
On the other side of LO, setting front deck modules (MA).
balls to the wall
The completed front deck, with the system of rollers and balls to move and maneuver air pallets on either side of the arch and into the building itself.
snow balls
Looking the other way at the back deck in mid-March after some snow has drifted in. The large view here is a clip from a much larger panorama by Ella Derbyshire.
dock it
This is the new loading dock constructed in the arch opening. The
arch doors were shortened and modified so they could still swing inward above the rollers.

All photos on the summer 2008-09 pages are from Dave Smith unless indicated otherwise...those labeled MA are used with thanks to Molly Anderson.

Next, let's head out towards RF and the new SPTR-2 antenna and radome...

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