1990 Pole marker
The 1989-90 Pole marker, created by Bill Getz and Dale Pomraning, whose names can be seen on the rim

The enigmatic acronym "LGN" has appeared on many of the Pole markers since the 1980's. I was actually around when the term originated. Since then there has been frequent speculation that the "N" stands for, well, the condition people are in when they participate in the 300 club. That has been the usage quoted many times over the years, but it is not the original definition. For clarification, a few years ago I asked friend Mike Patterson (otherwise known as Nude for his hairline), the construction coordinator in the late 80's who ended up having a certain lake named for him) and his response was:

Actually the reason I'm sending you this urgent message is to inform you that the letters "LGN" have nothing to do with nudity! "Let's Get Nuts" is the phrase behind all that. Back in the days when Bill Getz was manufacturing Pole markers those three letters found their way onto the finished pieces. The USGS guy looked at it and asked, "Lowest geographical notation?"

We laughed.

Take care,