Mike Patterson


In February 1990, Mike the O&M coordinator is celebrating in the O&M office (the second floor next to the store above the comms addition). He's had an amazingly successful summer season managing the crew that...kept the beakers in Pomerantz Land warm and gassed up; dug out for the new comms utilidor next to skylab and the new seismo vault; fixed the cracks in the dome foundation; and got the new 3412 generator on line in the power plant. Oh yes, he did have a bit to do with the station plumbing, and somehow got one of the local bodies of water named after himself!!

One more piece of trivia--something else about Pole life that Mike started: Carhartts!! Actually those of us staying at Palmer had already been using the vests for a few years, but when it came time for the power plant upgrade in 1989-90 Mike convinced the Pole mgmt the insulated overalls were much more appropriate than the bunny suits. The rest is history.

Oh, I must say, neither he nor I remember what is on that piece of paper he is holding.

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