In the Footsteps of Scott

a staged arrival

This is the "Footsteps of Scott", three skiers who repeated the Scott party's trek to the pole. They were also the first of what are now called "adventure tourists" to reach the pole overland. The full story of their venture is, of course, too much to be covered here. What you see here is their staged arrival at the pole. They had actually arrived two days earlier, at night under overcast conditions. So, when the weather improved, they staged a suitable "arrival" for their planned book, magazine articles, films, etc. All of the folks at Pole enjoyed their stay, but NSF and the Navy were less than enthusiastic. L to R, with their sleds: Gareth Wood, Roger Mear and Robert Swan.

A larger sized version... (JM)

staged approach to Pole

This photograph (FS) also shows that staged entry--it is similar to this one from my copy of A Walk to the Pole by Roger Mear and Robert Swan, © 1987 by Roger Mear and Robert Swan, published in the US by Crown Publishers Inc. The British edition was titled In the footsteps of Scott © 1987 by Roger Mear and Robert Swan, published by J. Cape (London). The third expedition member was Gareth Wood. Roger and Robert ventured back since, Roger's trek to Pole in 1995-96 failed when he got slowed down by problems with his sled...

This book describes a strange episode in Pole history, many friends of mine were present when these folks arrived...

the Footsteps of Scott team at the Ceremonial Pole
Here's the group hero shot at the Ceremonial Pole (FS).
the Footsteps' aircraft
This is the expedition's aircraft, a Cessna 185, at Williams Field in January 1986. It had been brought down from Hobart on the Southern Quest and assembled with skis on an ice floe near the Cape Evans expedition base. It was selected after previous arrangements by pilot Giles Kershaw to use a Tri-turbo fell through. Giles later flew the aircraft back to Cape Evans where it was dismantled and shipped north along with the hut and other remaining supplies (MS).
South Polar Times
This article from the South Polar Times (the Navy McMurdo newspaper) documents the tragedy of the Southern Quest sinking (larger full-sized article) (GCR).

Credits: Jim Mathews (JM), Mike Savage (MS), Gordon Cheryl Rzewnicki (GCR), the 2041 Footsteps of Scott gallery (FS). I do have more photos and info from Polies...stay tuned.

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