South Pole Winter 1984


Barry, Steve, power plant mechanic/GMM, ITT/ANS
Baumann, Charles C. (Chris), geophysics, U. S. Geological Survey
Beller, Michael, physician, ITT/ANS
Byrnes, Richard, senior materialsperson, ITT/ANS
Cameron, George, facility engineer, ITT/ANS
Clements, David, cosmic ray research, University of 
Cruz, Lawrence, heavy equipment mechanic, ITT/ANS
Deady, Connie, cook, ITT/ANS
Dyson, Rick, CUSP/aurora/cosray, University of Delaware
Foltz, Gary, geophysics, U. S. Geological Survey
Gilpatrick, Frank, meteorologist, ITT/ANS
Heimke, Dave, communications, ITT/ANS
Hurtig, Robert, station manager, ITT/ANS
Krieg, George, communications technician, ITT/ANS
Migaiolo, Frank, Environmental Research Laboratories,
   National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/SSL
Navarro, Francisco (Paco), geophysics, University of California 
   Los Angeles
Platzer, Robert Jr., atmospheric science, NOAA
Sparks, Dale, electrician, ITT/ANS
Welcker, Kent, meteorological technician, ITT/ANS

Photo scanned from the original at Pole, September 2005 (larger file, 348k)
(larger formats available)

List source: Antarctic Journal (NSF), Volume 19, No. 2,
   June 1984, with help from Rick Dyson, who noted
   that Francisco Navarro went on to become the leader of
   the Spanish Antarctic program, and from Mike Beller,
   who noted that the Antarctic Journal was wrong and
   furnished the corrected names.