South Pole Winter 1981

round the pole

Tom (Cy Thomas) Plyler - Station Manager
Pat Mosier - Facility Engineer
Mike Kilborn - Cook
Dan McKenna - Communications Coordinator
Mark Weinand - General Maintenance Mechanic
Ed Green - NOAA - Electrical Engineer
Paul Campbell - Power Plant Mechanic
Graeme Currie - Meteorology Technician
Cindy McFee - NOAA - Station Chief, Station Science Leader
Bill Gail - Bartol - Cosray / Stanford - VLF
Charles Hessom - UCLA - Seismic/Gravity
Al Tinkham - USGS
Mike Gilbert - Meteorologist
Ken Murphy - USGS
Pat Cornelius - Radio Operator
Tim Leistico - Materialsman
Charles Huss - Station Doctor

The above photo composite (which is not at Pole)
was put together after the winter by Al Tinkham
and was scanned by Ed Green. The list is thanks
to Ed Green, with assistance from Bob Evans and
Pat Mosier.

(larger version of above photo, 169k) (larger formats available)

Below is the photo on display at Pole:

not 1976

Back row: Ken Murphy, Mike Gilbert, Mike Kilborn, Paul Campbell,
Tom Plyler, Tim Leistico, Chuck Huss, Pat Cornelius, and Al Tinkham
Middle Row: Charles Hessom, Dan McKenna, Cindy McFee, and Pat Mosier
Front Row: Bill Gail, Graeme Currie, Mark Weinand, and Ed Green

This photo was scanned from the original at Pole in September 2005...
but it was labeled "1975-76?". Thanks to Chuck Huss, Ed Green and Dick
Wolak for helping me get this right. Chuck furnished the list of names
(and also noted sadly that Pat Mosier died of cancer complications on 8
September 2005).

(larger photo, 374k) (larger formats available)