South Pole Winter 1979

Ron Peck        Station Leader
Noah White      Communication Coordinator
Bob Meyer       Cook
Brian O'Hanlon  Weather Observer (Deceased 1994)
Bob Wilkinson   Weather Technician
Daryl Leed      Facilities Engineer
Larry Oswald    Power Plant Mechanic
Don Winburn     Electrician
Neil McDowell   Diesel Mechanic
Andy Cameron    Supply Officer
Michele Raney   Station Doctor (First woman to winterover)

John Bortniak   Chief Observer, NOAA GMCC Project - Clean Air Facility
Chuck Smythe    Electronics Technician/Observer, NOAA GMCC Project
Tom Edmonson    Science Leader for USGS Satellite tracking/seismology
Mike Newman     USGS Satellite tracking/seismology
John Towle      Bartol Research Foundation
Rick Morris     UCLA Gravity Measurement Project

With thanks to John Bortniak