South Pole Winter 2023

2023 winterovers

The 2023 winterover photo...which was taken on 10 August by network engineer Christian Rahl. It features the TELMA
lidar operating from the roof of the B2 science lab (larger size photo). The folks:

Timothy Backus
Jeffrey Capps
Manuel Chan
Paul Coldren
Anthony DeCicco
David DeLozier, Jr.
Hrvoje Dujmovic
Michelle Endo
Kyle Ferguson
Brendan Fisher
Harrison Flanders
Travis Groh
Ryan Gutierrez
Luke Haberkem
Matthew Hadley
Naweed Hashimi
Todd Hinschberger
Margaret Hubbeling
Marc Jacquart
Gene Komman III
Seva Kotlyar
Jesus Maldonado Jr.
Tammy McDermott
Zeke Mills
Zachary Mitiller
Cal Neske
Eric James Olsen
John Lawrence Osborne
Jaden Pan
Richard Perez
Timothy Pickell
Federico Piola
Alexandra Pollak
Michael Post
Christian Rahl
Darrien Reichler
Howard Rodenberg
Jennifer Sible
Martha Stansberry
Hans Suedhoff
James Thomas Walsh Jr.
Jonathon Weise
Zane Ziebell

The actual winter solstice occurred at 0258 22 June South Pole time, or 1458 UTC on 21 June.The midwinter
dinner at Pole happened on Saturday the 24th. Below...the official South Pole midwinter greeting card.

midwinter greetings from Pole

Oh, here are the Palmer and McMurdo greeting cards:

Pslmer greeting card
McMurdo greeting card

midwinter dinner menu
Before the dinner

At left, the menu.

At right, the "before" view of the table settings, including in the foreground the special table for the four people who did not leave Pole alive.

table for those who did not leave Pole alive
A table closeup. Clockwise from top left: Casey Jones (1980), Rodney Marks (2000), Thomas Atkins (2014), Andrew Moulder (1966).

Polies enjoying the midwinter dinner
Some of the Polies enjoying the dinner.

The greeting card photos are from the Antarctic Support Contract's Facebook page, the dinner photos are from head chef Zeke Mills, and the memorial table photo is from production cook/steward Timothy Mark.