The 2014 Pole Marker

Pole marker unveiled 1 January 2014
Yes! Here is the Pole marker unveiled on 1 January 2014! (AD)

unveiling ceremony
The ceremony of moving the you can see, the sun wasn't out. Although you can't tell from this photo, WSM Shelly Finley is in the tan Carhartts, and w/o electrician Charles Cable is holding the flag (AD).
passing the flag
Another view of the ceremony...moving the American flag (JP).
side view of the marker
A side view of the marker, documenting the location (AD).
sunrise dinner photo
The marker was unveiled at the September 2013 sunrise dinner, by its creator Steele Diggles. He's seen here with NOAA w/o Kelli Bliss (PM).
a sundial
Another design feature is that it really is a sundial, although the sun wasn't fully cooperating during this test...Steele put it outside briefly for photos before the end of winter (PM).

The designer of this amazing marker is none other than 7x winterover/friend Dana Hrubes! Here is his detailed description of the sundial features, as well as photos of its construction.

the 2014 Pole marker
Another view of the marker, taken during the ceremony (SS).
some of the marker inscription
And another DO know the origin of "LGN" and what it stands for, right? If not, you do now. (PM)

Credits and thanks to Andrea Dixon (AD), Joe Phillips (JP), Phillip Marzette (PM), and Sheryl Seagraves (SS) for the photos!