The 2008 Pole Marker

where am I?

Above, documentation that this is really the South Pole...below--a legend describing the various design elements of the marker which was placed in front of the new station on 1 January 2008.

3D experience

The 2008 Geographic South Pole Marker was placed at 6:30pm January 1st, 2008 in snow currently sitting over 90 South latitude. Below is the design intention of the 2007 Winterover Facilities Engineer Laura Rip who designed the marker. Her design drawings are also attached [and are featured on this page].

The marker itself was crafted by 2007 Winterover SCOARA Machinist Derek Aboltins. His image of the continent is resting on a reflective polished surface sunken just below the rim of the design where it can collect a thin layer of snow. Though some winterovers worried that the arcing 3D lines of longitude over the continent might create an image of being trapped beneath the sky, the shape truly symbolizes lines of longitude arcing around the Southern Sea and the seventh continent as well as the ever present heavens above the white plateau.

Below, more of the design details:

slice it dice it
pieces of sky
At left, top and elevation views. Above is an exploded diagram.

There is a ceremony, usually (but not always) on New Year's Day, when the new Pole marker is unveiled at the current location of the real Geographic South Pole. 2008 was no exception...

10 meters per year
The crowd gathered to this photo was taken, the American flag and sign are still next to the marker placed on 1 January 2007.

Amundsen was here
The flag has already been moved, and the sign is being carried south past the Ceremonial Pole.

a bit of Antarctic cement might be useful here
The sign is being left the still un-unveiled 2008 marker can be seen.
under wraps

Here's 2008 winter site manager Katie Hess contemplating the wrapped marker (KH)...

meridians of longitude
Unveiling it is!

Thanks Glenn Credits and thanks...all of the photographs on this page are courtesy of Glenn Grant (left) except for the one marked KH which is thanks to Katie Hess. The marker description and diagrams were provided by Jerry Marty, although they are of course the creation of Laura Rip.

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