South Pole Winter 2008
spooling around

Above is the winter group photo, taken in early September out near, well, Spoolhenge near the far reaches of the berm. And as of the end of October it was already framed and hanging in the hall! The photo is by Keith Vanderlinde; here's a larger version (1.7mb) and a less edited version (870k).

And below is the midwinters greeting card we sent out...with a photo of most of us standing in front of
Destination Alpha, which was newly decked out for the station dedication earlier in 2008:

all dressed up for dinner good stuff

Here's an enlargement of the group photo:

destined Alpha

The group photo is by SPT postdoc Keith Vanderlinde...not only was there a full moon, but it was a 10 second time exposure. He also took the background photo which features MAPO, SPT, auroras, and the planet Jupiter above the QUAD telescope shield (larger uncluttered version). The shot of the South Pole sign and aurora is by Callee Allen (original photo).

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