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Ruth SipleThe Antarctican Society had its beginnings as "a bunch of the good old boys in the Washington D. C. Area, who were involved in Antarctica in some capacity during the International Geophysical Year, formed the Society as a not-for-profit educational organization in 1960," according to a recent article by treasurer Paul Dalrymple. Actually the first preliminary formative meeting was held at the Cosmos Club in October, 1959. From the beginning, the organization welcomed members of either sex, anyone who could come up with the dues of one dollar. Currently the organization features a newsletter a few times a year, and other occasional events including summer gatherings at Paul Dalrymple's home on the Maine coast, and a Memorial Lecture on some aspect of Antarctic science. Ruth Siple, who died on 23 January 2004, was the heart and soul of the organization for many years, from the mid seventies through the millennium. She was an honored guest at the dedication of the domed station in January 1975 when the photo at right was taken. She is seated at a desk in Paul's former office in the old IGY station (US Navy photo courtesy Dick Wolak).

Two bits of media coverage about the Antarctican Society bear reproduction here:

UPDATE! More recently the Society has had a web presence here thanks to hard-working webmaster Tom Henderson. All of the newsletters are available, along with other neat information and an offering of a free slide scanning service!

For a membership send $12 US for online membership, $20 for hard copy ($25/$12 from outside the US) to:

The Antarctican Society
c/o Paul Dalrymple
Box 325
Clyde, ME 04855.
A membership application is available on the web site.