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warm weather practice

Things actually started in December 2011 at Port Hueneme...here the 331 Transportation Company practices putting things together. (331)
And on 7 January 2012, the causeway components were being loaded. (331)
About six weeks (and 10,000 miles) later, the cargo vessel Green Wave arrived around noon on Valentines Day. The following sequence of photos starts the next day.
first pieces
The Green Wave tied up at the relocated ice pier to offload and assemble the causeway components. Here are the first few pieces. (WH)
Here's the water-level view. (331)
first pieces
Here are a couple more pieces...(331)
still more pieces and parts
...and a few more. (331)
Webcam view of the Green Wave at the ice pier at about 0700 on the 16th, as assembly continues.
offload site
A "before" view of the offload site.
tugging at things
There were two of these small vessels called MWT's (modular warping tugs). (SFA)
some assembly required
Assembly continues. (SFA)
The MWTs made a number of trips back and forth...
let's go boating
...delivering stuff.
piers to me
Back for more.
ramping things up
The rest of the causeway is in the water.
A closeup. (SFA)
Almost ready. (SFA)
make the grade
The ramp has been prepared.
bay cruise
Here goes the causeway...(SFA)

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The photos seen here were obtained from the McMurdo webcams unless otherwise indicated. Some are from the Operation Deep Freeze (Joint Task Force - Support Forces Antarctica) Facebook page (SFA), and the 331 Transportation Company (Causeway) Facebook page. Others were taken by William Henriksen (WH) and are in the Antarctic Photo Library.

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