American Polar Society Symposium, October 2003

Byrd Polar Research Center, The Ohio State University

I attended this event, which focused on "Women's Roles in Polar Regions, Past, Present, and Future." The speakers included many females who had been "the first woman to..." break the gender barrier in various areas of polar work and research. The first female to winter at Pole, Dr. Michele Raney, was one of the guests. She did not speak, but a more famous Pole physician, Jerri Nielsen, was one of the last-minute speakers. I was too interested in her presentation to remember to take a photo...

...a few views of the venue and environs...
Admiral Byrd's statue in the lobby of the center. This was the plaster model for the memorial
statue in Arlington, is NOT water resistant, hence the indoor location.
Scott Hall
Looking north at Scott Hall, site of the conference sessions.
back view
Another view of the building looking south.
rock hall of fame
A new addition to the building is Polar Rock Repository, which was dedicated the day after the symposium.
happy holiday
In front of the conference hotel. Down the street, the bridge to campus was being replaced with a new monumental structure.

A view of the hotel. The awards banquet was held here. There was also a conference for the blind and sight-impaired underway, so there were many white canes and guide dogs in evidence.
hello world
Looking south out of my hotel room window towards downtown Columbus.
polar awards
The Polar Awards ceremony, emceed by Brian Shoemaker.
A couple of the award winners. Dr. Sayed Z. El Sayed is at right.
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