July 4, 2004 in Middletown

hotbed of activity
Center of activity, of course....
half of a pair

Don't ask me which one...
with grandad

Troon with grandfather DeBarre.
the good stuff
Hitting the bottle with Mother watching...
from the attic
Susan with a, er, baby picture of her mother.
who paid the piper?

Happy Birthday music McIntosh Style.
table games
Feeding time at...
good stuff

Chase takes the cake.
you send me
A friendly game of croquet...
you REALLY send me
...yeah right!
Saturday events (not shown) included frisbee at Sunset Park and a barbecue on and around the back porch.

On the 4th was the church service, an afternoon open house, an evening McIntosh family dinner at the Golden Lamb (the rest of us managed quite well, thank you), and fireworks at Smith Park...
story board
The cast of characters, with entrances and exits...
the morning after
The scene of the crime, the morning after
Another nearby house....
...with that croquet field, now retired

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