Pittsburgh, fall 2004

On the first Sunday after arriving in Pittsburgh on the FEMA project, I played tourist for a bit--actually we were changing hotels and I had a few hours to spend between checking out of the old one (a couple of miles west of the Fort Pitt Tunnel in Green Tree) and the new one (in Oakland, a section of town about 3 miles west of downtown, near Pitt and Carnegie Mellon). I ventured to Station Square, which is a former railroad station complex on the south bank of the Monongahela (Mon) river just across from downtown. The area had been converted to an entertainment mall complex with shops, restaurants etc...
money spent here
There are several buildings strung out along the river/railroad tracks, with one large building housing most of the shops.
rail food
One of the establishments was a Gandy Dancer restaurant, I couldn't figure out if it was related to the one in AA, and there wasn't a large sign to photograph.
train time
Just south of Station Square is a steep hill (cut through by several tunnels including the Fort Pitt), at the top is the borough of Mt. Washington. One way to get there is by one of two inclines, this view is looking west at the Monongahela Incline. These are operated by the city transit system.
things are looking up
Looking east at the incline from the other side.
the rail thing
On the way up, looking west toward the Fort Pitt Bridge in the distance.
making tracks for the top

Looking down at the tracks.
Ohio starts here
Near the top of the incline there was a lookout where I took the rest of these pictures. This is looking northwest toward the Golden Triangle.
Downtown Pittsburgh.
one of three rivers
Looking east, up the Mon River. I suspect the large parking lot (where there was some race-course type driving trials underway) was a former rail yard; there are also many former steel plants along the rivers and waterways of Pittsburgh.
going down town
A view of one of the incline cars.

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