1998-99 Photos - New Garage


Above...The interior of the new garage, heavy shop, vehicle maintenance facility, or whatever... It was officially completed and occupied in December 1999. It is 5 times larger than the original garage, which continued in service for a few more years as the new station construction proceeded. In this picture FMC supervisor Carlton Walker is heading for the bay doors... (Antarctic Sun 12/12/99 photo by Josh Landis).

But first, as they say...a look at the old place. You could just barely fit the D-6 in here, so the new garage was designed with that in mind. Of course by 1999 there were no D-8's around any more, and there were no immediate plans to bring one in, so when the traverse changed things...well, in 2008 we couldn't bring the D-8 inside to work on the blade.

crowded house
This 1977 view shows how crowded the original garage was even back then.
open door
Here is a late 90's view looking into the door (C).
arch up
Starting where the 1997-98 season left off, the completed arch had been left empty over the winter--used to store equipment (C).
room to swing a CAT
A look inside the arch before building construction started (C).
this is just a test
One more preliminary--a partial test build had been done the previous summer just before the steel was sent to Port Hueneme. And, I guess, just before they painted it (C).
what's up?
Back at Pole in the 1998-99 summer, erection started with the upwind end (I).
moving downwind
Foundation assembly, soffit panel installation, steel erection, and wall and roof SIP panel installation continued concurrently (I).
opening out
Much of this construction sequence is similar to that used for the logistics facility construction in the old garage arch in 2008 (NSF).
don't step in a crack
A look at the interior after it was enclosed and heated (C).

That takes us about up to the end of the summer...continue on to the 1999 winter construction.

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