2017 Winter Photos--plumbing, mechanical stuff, flooring and carpet...

Mundane stuff perhaps, but important to maintaining the station. And also somewhat disruptive at times, which is why projects such as these happen during the winter when there are fewer people around. Fortunately, there's a good crew of skilled construction folks on station, as well as helpful volunteers from the rest of the community:

new PVC waste piping in B1
The replacement of the copper waste piping with PVC continued early in the winter...yes, I was around in 2005 when some of this was being installed per design...unfortunately the designers back in the 20th century were unaware that the effluent from waterless urinals did bad things to copper waste piping. This particular spool was part of the gravity waste line to the sewage tank in the EPP (BV).
kitchen ductwork rework
Another early winter project involved a major cleaning and resealing of the exhaust fan ductwork above the kitchen. This project (along with concurrent work to replace more of the copper waste piping in this area) resulted in the main kitchen being closed for several weeks, with food being prepared in the B1 emergency kitchen...microwaves etc. From what I hear, the galley staff led by Zachary Morgan, along with Hunter Davis, Zachary Kinberg, and Emily Shaw, did a great job in keeping folks from starving to death (BV) (photo by HD).
the open ceiling above the kitchen and serving line
A closer fish-eye lens view of the galley cooking area and serving area with the exhaust ductwork being worked on. This is probably the only commercial kitchen in the world where the exhaust hood fumes are vented down through the floor rather than through the roof or a side wall...and we worked on this system during both my 2005 and 2008 winters (BV) (photo by HD).
closed hallway outside A1
By June, work resumed on the hallway subfloor replacement, a continuation from the 2016 winter. This after-hours view is in the second floor A2 hallway near the entrance to A1--beyond the plastic sheeting the hallway continues toward B pod. The detours changed day by day as the carpenters made progress (JC).
A2 hallway, the dish pit galley exit is at left
This photo is in the same hallway, looking at the other side of the plastic sheeting in the above right photo. At left is the dish pit exit from the galley (JC).
installing replacement subfloor
A bit later from the same spot as the above photo, work is underway installing the new subfloor (MR).
Mike Rice screwing down the subfloor
I mentioned volunteers...here's satcom engineer Mike Rice helping to screw down the new FCB subfloor (MR).
Floor work in the A2 second level hall
Here the fiber cement board installation is complete. This is a more suitable and robust FCB than what was originally used (BJ).
As this work was being done and the stairway was closed off, the stair treads were removed for deep cleaning.
Floor work in the A2 second level hall
Another view of the second level A2 hallway a bit further along, with most of the vinyl flooring installed (RO).
A2 hallway under construction
By late August, the subfloor replacement work had moved downstairs to the first floor. This was taken looking west from outside the sauna door; the entrance to A1 berthing is at left (JC).
FCB subfloor replacement
Here's a peek through the Visqueen seen in the photo at left...the stairs going up to the galley are at right (JC).
Floor work in the A2 second level hall
Looking the other way toward the sauna and A1 berthing at the end of August. At left in the foreground is the store entrance. By mid-September the vinyl flooring installation was completed (GR).
the galley floor after the old carpet was removed
At the very end of the winter, the galley carpet was replaced. Here's the floor after the old carpet had been removed (GR).
the galley with the new carpet and the tables set up for summer
The new carpet completed...and the galley tables set up for the summer crowds (BJ).

Photo credits and thanks: BV is plumber Brian Vacha; HD is chef Hunter Davis, JC is IceCuber James Casey, RO is carpenter Richard Osburn, MR is satcom engineer Mike Rice, GR is safety engineer Gavin Reynolds, and BJ is construction superintendent Bill Johnson.

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