2010-11 Photos - Tearing Down and Fixing Up

out with the old
The early phase of the AST/RO demo...getting rid of the siding and the roof (MM).

The AST/RO building, named for the Antarctic Submillimeter Telescope and Remote Observatory which it housed, was the first significant structure erected in the Dark Sector (well, not counting Old Pole and its facilities) beginning in the 1991-92 summer. As you can see from this photo of its foundation, the building was once well above the snow surface. The structure wasn't completed until the 1993-94 season, when its telescope mount was first use to house the SPIREX telescope for one year. In 1994-95, SPIREX was moved to a new foundation attached to MAPO (that foundation has supported several telescopes including the most recent SPUD/KECK), and the AST/RO telescope was finally installed (photo). The telescope was in use for 11 winter seasons; it was finally decommissioned at the end of my 2005 winter. Here is a 2006 photo of the abandoned building with more links about the project, as well as an Antarctic Sun article. Oh, there is also this a 2007 YouTube video about the telescope and the project, featuring principal investigator Tony Stark.

stairways to heaven

A look at the interior progress (MM).
get ready for liftoff

Getting ready to pick off some of the telescope support structure...(RC)
beam me up
...and away it goes (RC).
let the sun shine in
...and a later stage...the roof is gone (MM).
hit the head
.Here's the last bit of AST/RO to go away...with John Mallon standing on and in front of it (RC).
Here's the hero shot...let's see, I think this is (from left): Mandy Lamb, Aaron Barbee, Eric Phillips, John Mallon, Robin Carroccia, Doug Montgomery, Aaron Mayer, and Max (Maximilian Sarry Varriale (RC). And thanks for the name help from MM!
very drifty
Here's some documentation...this is the February 2010 aerial photo showing the abandoned building (AVW)...
it's gone, Dave
...and this is the aerial photo from February 2011...the disturbed snow is where AST/RO used to be (RS).
up on the roof
Back over on the station side of the skiway, the DNF building was getting its permanent siding. Here's John Mallon dealing with the all-important Tyvek on the roof (MM).
naked Tyvek
After all of the Tyvek was tucked and folded, time to put the siding on the skiway side of the building (MM).
look at both sides now
And that side of the building and the furnace room are finished (MM).
screw it
Here's Max working on the roof (MM)....
blue board
...and here's Marie McLane up there as well.

Credits...Marie McLane (MM), Robin Carroccia (RC), Robert Schwarz (RS), and Andrew V. Williams (AVW)...thanks!

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