2009-10 Photos - Alternative Energy

going for a spin at Pole
Here is a distant late-March view of the wind turbine that was erected during the 2009-10 summer. It
is located behind the rodwell #3 building.

pin the tail on the turbine
This midsummer closeup was taken by Andy Stillinger of the AGO project.

This is a 2.5 KW wind turbine manufactured by Abundant Renewable Energy (ARE). It is their Model 110, and it is quite similar to the African Wind Power machines used by the AGO project, in that it is "side furling," meaning that the tail is balanced to swing the blade wheel away from strong winds.

Below, two more views from late March 2010:

operation windmill
nice blade action

Unlike the 1997 experimental turbine which merely fed power into a load bank, the present turbine is connected to the power grid, as are the 6 solar panels which were installed on the roof of Altie Meadows in 2008-09.

Except for the photo from Andy, the pictures and much of the information here came from Cody Meyer, one of the 2010 cooks. Other information came from the AGO folks and Joe Crane.

Next...a look at the unsuccessful efforts to complete the eradication of Old Pole.

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