2009-10 Photos - Deconstructing the Dome

Away with the Dome!

holes in the station
Let's start with this 6 December picture which was taken before things really got underway...it was also used
in the 2009 station Christmas card (FB).
Ok, the main event, dome deconstruction. It has to start somewhere, here are panels being removed around the main entrance (FB).
open panels
More of the panels have around the bottom have been removed, and some FEMC folks are marking the dome demise with Jerry Marty's flag (see next picture) (DM).
up top
Here is the FEMC group assembled on top of the dome just before the serious deconstruction began. This included the entire heavy carp crew, the crane operator, and Leah Street, SPSM project manager. Wow (FB).
opening up the topMore panel removal around the top section, which would be lifted off in one piece (FB)... picky picky

...like so. Here goes the top rings off the dome... this happened around 4 or 5 AM Friday 18 December SP time. Originally the Seabee Museum wanted the next ring also, and they may yet get the pieces, but that section was too big and heavy for a one-crane lift (FB/APL).
pulling it off
A closeup inset from the previous picture (FB).
pulling it off
Here is another more wide-angle view. (JS).
open pattern
Another shot from a slightly different angle. This piece looks too big to fit in a Herc, maybe the traverse will take it north (FB).
dark dome day
Lowering the top section to the surface...note the shadow (FB).
rigging things
Lowering it to the ground (FB).
round holes
A wider angle view (JS).
looking out from the station
A view from inside the dome (FB).
letting the birds out
Here is what it looked like from the inside after the top section had been removed (RD).
The French Hens flew away
18 December, the dome continues to disappear slowly (EG).

more photos...(credits are on the last photo page)
the evidence will be shredded
22 December, a bit more is gone (EG).

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