2009-10 Photos - Deconstructing the Dome

Dome disappearance continues...

dome thunder?
Just before the Christmas weekend break...(EG).
the sign of the pentagram from TEMCOR
and what it looked like from the inside (EG).
29 December...picking off another section. Some of you may notice in the right background that Cryo has a fresh set of blue siding panels, well except where that sliding door is supposed to go. Punch list items...(FB)
rigging for success
a closer view (FB).
down down
Setting it down (FB/APL).
Moving one of the dome panels around (FB).
tear down
30 December, a view from one of the static cameras.
disappearing act
And another...
this is a stickup
Another 30 December view...oh by the way, an antenna crew has also been around tearing down some of the old antenna towers behind the dome (EG).
getting picky
3 January, pulling off another section (FB).

...like so (FB).
it's full of sky
5 January, a few views from the dome floor level (DF).
where's the bar?
A closeup look in at the west side, with a bit of utilidor (DF).
mark my words
Looking south. With the panels removed, the color coding on the beams is visible (DF).
Looking east; the rectangular opening used to lead to Skylab (DF).
folding triangles
The 5 January view from the galley windows (EG).
buckle down
This view is from almost the same angle as the previous photo,
except that it was taken from just inside the LO arch looking
through the temporary entrance. A few arch repairs were in order
before this opening was closed up a bit later in the season (WP/APL).

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