2008 Winter Photos - Those doors into the beer can...continued

On the second floor (or "level 2" in "Title-2-speak") the same thing had to happen, but the details turned out to be different...
lots o steps from the bottom

Here's a "before" view of the second floor doors from the outside...presenting different problems.
level 2 door heater wiring

And inside, the area around the door heater wiring after the wall finish was removed.
alongside the left door jamb

Looking straight into the left door jamb area. We were surprised at the lack of insulation in some of these areas.
between the old and new walls

We're looking up at the ceiling, on the upwind side between the old (left) and new door locations.
the second level doors in 2012
Here's what the second floor doors looked like in 2012.

Unfortunately...the station continued to settle faster than the beer can stairs...so the ramps you see in these photos once again got in the way of the doors, so they couldn't be opened. Temporary modifications were done, and there was a 2013-14 project to lower the beer can stairs (for a second time) to resolve this, but that didn't happen. Now I'm hearing that may happen during the 2015 winter.

The 2012 winter photos are courtesy of Ethan Good...thanks!

Next...have a look at the LO (logistics facility) at the end of the winter.

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