2007-08 Photos - Logistics Facility

open wide
Lots of work on the arches involved...moving the sections back and forth, aligning them, patching holes...something that will continue in the 2008-09 summer Additionally, a temporary construction access was opened up north of the building on the back side of the arch...
let me in
...as seen in this clip from the end-of-season aerial photos.
pieces of floor
Back inside the building, looking towards the main entrance. I've cranked up the exposure on this to show the prefabbed floor modules that need to be aligned and welded together.
under foot
Looking the other way. The storage sections of the arch also get various prefabbed footings and floor modules.
a pick up
Backing off a bit, here's the bridge crane.
new old stuff
Back outside, here's some of the new and old arch sections...floor and footing modules. Much of this material has been on the berm for years.
sign of the times
Hmmmm, haven't I seen this somewhere before?

All the photos on this and the previous page are from Tim Hayosh, except for the aerial clip which came from Glenn Grant (thanks!). Keep going for a look at this construction site at the end of the summer...

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