2007-08 Photos - Old Power Plant/Arch Demo

Before the arch structure adjustments could take place for the new cargo facilities, there were a few things left to do inside...
one hump or two
First, a look in the biomed arch, where this fuel bladder had been placed for the 2006 winter.
bladder troubles
First the snow had to be removed (shades of 1977).
hole in the ground
Then the bladder itself was made to go away.
calling clean air
And at the other end, this comms hut would eventually be made to go away as well.
The real action was going on in the old power plant, which had been mostly gutted during the winter. First, a few views of the place at the beginning of summer before the final phase...
do not use radios when generators are running
Standing where the end of the switchgear used to be, here's the door and window into the office.
glass panes
The office window from another angle.
the handwriting is on the wall
Some of the parting words on the back wall of the office.
returnable bottles
Here's where those infamous CO2 bottles used to be.
powered out.
dead cats bounce
Generators #1 and #3 had been dragged into the biomed arch during the winter...not quite the same way as they came in. I should note here that generator #2 had been removed in 2000-01, as its switchgear breaker had been rewired to feed the dome from the new power plant, and its heat recovery heat exchangers had been replaced with a new plate exchanger connected to the waste recovery loop of the new power plant...to provide heat to the dome heating loop.

power to the people

[Jump ahead in time a bit...seen above are those same two generators a few months later in Port Hueneme, where on 2 April 2008 they were auctioned off. This photo is from the Mather Auctions sale brochure...at the time they had the contract to sell off the Antarctic surplus every year. These were #1 and #3...#2 had been disconnected from the grid and dragged out of the dome power plant before the new power plant was commissioned in 2001.]

...meanwhile, back at Pole, things were just getting started, it was still early November...

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