2005-06 Summer Photos - Old Biomed Arch Raising

What happens here--the arch which formerly housed Biomed needed to be raised about 4 feet to line up with the old garage arch which was raised in 1997-98...ultimately after the dome entrance goes away there will be one continuous arch to accommodate the cargo building and storage space.
the doctor has left the building
Starting from where the 2005 winter left off...the last bits of the biomed building foundation are carefully removed from around some old but still-in-use data cables (BS).
where are my valves?
Turning around, here's the passage to the fuel arch just before it is disturbed (I).
fall panels
The end wall of the fuel arch, which also was replaced. The fuel arch itself did not need raising (I).
will it fit?
First step, removing the old dark sector substation (building 63, left). This 208-4160v stepup transformer formerly fed the dark sector from the old arch power plant (I).
transforming the place
Of course, befure this could be yanked out, the new feeder connections from the new power plant had to be completed (JM).
Here's the inside of the biomed arch after the substation was yanked...(I)
...and the end wall started to come down (JM).
data port
A closeup of the remaining outbuilding, this one housed comms and data connections still in use, and wouldn't go away for another two years (JM).
I dig Pole
Next step, digging everything out (C),
tanks a lot
...including the fuel arch bulkhead (C)...
1972 snow
...and the snow between the arches (I).
getting down
Excavating the exterior of the arch, exposing the old fuelie access ladder (C).
the way to the plane
It had to go too (JM).
from the top
Disassembling the original bulkhead and connection to the dome entrance arch (DT).
snow job
Lots o snow to move (JB).
cutting edge
The arch was to be picked up in 2 sections, so the Huck fasteners between the two sections had to be cut apart (RP).
a lift

Here goes the first lift (I).
on the beam
Up and away (I).

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