2005-06 Summer Photos - B3 continued

mind the step

At the beginning of the summer, here's the doors at what would be Destination Alpha, but not yet (I).
put it all together
But first, a stair tower was needed (RP).
Some assembly required...(RP)
on the beam

...thus (RP).
step lively!
A bit of detail work on the treads (JM).
climb high

And it is done...ready for the design team (JM).
da plain

A bit later on in the swing shift, when it was in the sun (I).
And here's a view from the aerial photo (FB).
pole under glass
Meanwhile, just inside the first level door, we had those 3 glass display cases. Here's the initial fill as of March (JN).
in case of chill break glass

Starting with the closest one, here's that sweater Admiral Byrd wore when he flew overhead a few years ago (JN).
light reading

The middle one includes a copy of Amundsen's book The South Pole (JN).
Poles under glass

The one closest to the front door contains most of the Pole markers that have not been stolen (JN).
B3 photo credits other than mine: Jerry Marty (JM), Denis Barkats (DB), Neal Scheibe (NS), Rechelle Parent (RP), Forest Banks (FB), John Neame (JN), and the common drive (I).

Next...a look at the completion of the gym and the rest of B4.

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