2005-06 Summer Photos - A4

The 2005-06 summer saw the completion and conditional occupancy signoff for the last three wings of the elevated station...among other things. So we'll start with a look at the newest berthing wing...
carpeting the berthing rooms
The winter finish work continued into the early summer--like the carpet.
carpet tiles

Lots o carpet tiles!
the A4 mechanical room

The air handler was cranking out heat.
the fan room floor
A bit later, the floor was prepped. The floor opening is the relief outside air intake.
DDC control wiring hanging loose waiting for the replacement enclosure

The DDC wiring hanging from the wall at left is waiting for the new panel enclosure to replace the one that was damaged in shipment.
hallway wall panels
The corridor wall panels were installed...
the colored wall tiles

...as were the color tiles at the entrances, followed by the electrical panel covers.
the first level vestibule flooring and trim
Flooring and finish trim in the first level vestibule.
network wiring in the main hallway
Early in the summer a subcontractor showed up to pull and terminate all the phone and data wiring. This is the first level of A3 looking west, the comms room is the first door on the left.
the network cable, terminated

All the orange fiber optic cable dangling from the ceiling in the left photo was terminated a day later.
one of the newly installed window shades

Those fancy funky window shades were installed. Why were they not blackout shades? Long long story...there had been plans for separate blackout shades but they were cancelled supposedly due to cost.
A4 stairs

A bit later on, the exterior stairwell was put together and installed (Rechelle Parent).
A4 stairs complete
And here it is complete. (Ki Won Yoon).
liquor and soda stored in the A4 women's room
Jump ahead a bit...after all was said, done, and accepted, A4 was used to store the potables. Here's some of the liquor and soda stacked in the first level womens' room (Neal Scheibe).
beer storage in one of the berthing rooms

More of the quality beer in one of the completed and furnished berthing rooms (Neal Scheibe).
frozen potables after a heating failure
Well, it seems that didn't work out too well; there were some heating problems and some of the stuff froze (Denis Barkats).
the mess in one of the rooms after the beer and soda froze

Here's what the damage looked like before the cleanup (Denis Barkats).
the messy desk, electrical and network outlets after the beer and soda froze
Hey, there's root beer in my network connection...(Denis Barkats)!

The uncredited photos on this page are mine.

Yes, more is coming, this is just the beginning. Let's go over to the science lab.

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